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Pokemon appears at Milan Fashion Show

Fashion Show is a sideboard for new trends in fashion and the fashion streetwear label GCDS had a show at Milan Fashion Week a couple of days ago, and Pokemon was all over it.

Both the mens and womens spring/summer line for 2018/19 featured Pokémon designs, from knitted sweaters for the guys. In addition, we can see boots and a “cosplay” with a image of popular anime.

While it’s an Italian fashion week, these were all from ready to wear collections, and those Pikachu and Jigglypuff sweaters are amazing.

The Pokemon style is not new. Jeremy Scott is the pioneer

The face of designer stars Jeremy Scott’s spring and summer men’s and women’s runway collection was, well, Jeremy Scott. More exactly, it was a gridded collection of Polaroids of the designer taken in his youth that popped up on various pieces including hoodies, body-hugging, ankle-length dresses and tote bags.

Aside from that Warhol-like flourish, Scott’s latest collection followed a familiar mix-and-match approach that goes something like this: Pair a range of candy-dish colors (lime green, blaze orange, lemon yellow) with familiar silhouettes (streetwear, lingerie, motocross) and a pattern or two (this season, it was grunge-nostalgia-inducing plaid) sprinkled liberally with licensed logos or cartoon characters that resonate with his enthusiastic fan base. Actually, past collections have featured such pop-culture icons as SpongeBob Squarepants and Bart Simpson.

This season, Scott appeared to have lassoed another yellow fellow and appears Pikachu, character from the Pokemon anime series, who appeared as an allover print on pink sweaters, sweatshirts and skirts. There were other couple of cartoon characters in the mix as well including the Looney Tunes’ Wile E. Coyote, wearing a military jacket festooned with medals above the words “Mission Accomplished.”

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